Why are we doing this?

We were asked: “what is still on your bucket list”? We have been extremely blessed and travelled extensively and found that the rest of the world always looks so organised.  Education is a primary source to ensure the sustainability for the future, the care of the elderly is seen as a primary goal, and the prevention of animal cruelty is invested in extensively.

For the past 7 years, Karen and I have contributed towards all aspects of the education of a young man from Gugulethu whose parents were murdered when he was just 6. We made a decision that we would ensure that he is educated and removed that burden from his already stretched family. In December 2015 he was registered at a high school, and when I spoke to the principal of the school, I realised how many kids at the school were in the system but could not pay towards their education – in fact, the principle paid one of the learners annual fees out of his own pocket.

Every month Karen and I contributed towards many animal anti-cruelty institutions. At times making fairly significant once-off contributions towards veterinary bills, for example.

We read almost weekly of the various care centres or retirement centres in South Africa that are living on the edge of poverty or where care for our elderly is so poor that people die.

Education of children, the care for the elderly and the prevention of animal cruelty are all causes that Karen and I feel very passionate about supporting. Imagine if we generated R100 000 per month, with 1000 people donating R100 per month?  We would contribute towards the education of between 40 and 50 children per annum and contribute significantly towards the elderly growing old with dignity and we thought about how much more an animal rescue centre could do with a fixed monthly amount.

It’s then that we decided to launch 100 For Change. It simply requires a donation of only R100 to change lives, lay a solid foundation for our future, giving dignity to the elderly and preventing cruelty to animals, which in itself is a life lesson.

R100 is all we ask for – it changes lives!